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Carla Woollaston
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I am really enthusiastic about understanding process. Pottery demands this in spades!

Follow my blog on Fluffymilk.com to share the pains and delights of continuous learning in this craft.

Keep an eye on my events for opportunities to participate in my experiences.

Buy lovely supporters, Buy! if you spot a piece that you love please buy it. When people buy pottery potters get more clay.

  • Geoff's Tumbler 180ml
    NZ$ 24.00 Each
    18 in stock
  • Edith's Tumbler 180ml
    Edith is the middle shape in this image.
    See instore for what glazes are available
    NZ$ 24.00 Each
    5 in stock
  • Frankie's Tumbler 500ml
    Frankie is the tumbler on the left.
    Takes a 500ml drink.
    Fabulous for herbal teas and large coffees.

    See instore or make contact to find what glazes are available
    NZ$ 30.00 Each
    22 in stock
  • Valentine Bowl
    Some are drilled for planters and some have complete bottoms.
    See instore or ask about glaze finishes available at any time.
    NZ$ 28.00 Each
    16 in stock
  • Claybright Underglaze
    NZ$ 10.00 Each
    In Stock
  • Slip Mixer
    Another one of Carla's Slip Casting tools. Think heavy duty egg beater when you team this up with your power drill. It is about 30cm long
    NZ$ 22.00 Each
    In Stock

Process conversations

Blue Eyes

This is such a nostalgic colour. A glorious blue with tons of character. The highlights and tones remind me of smiling blue eyes.

this teams up really well with Saddle & Willow.

Like matching denim with a white shirt and tan boots....classic!

Pop Glazes

I totally love these! I call them Cecil's Rose, Nasturtium & Waterfall. The White porcelain shows through a clear glaze with a Pop of colour thrown about the outside.

I'm experimenting with a bright white glaze to mix up this range too.


OK, so let's be clear these need a little more work. Over there on the left that was meant to be called Mist....

 in reality it turned out more like "got the landrover stuck in the mud near the cattle stop"

I'm pretty happy with Cloud, Saddle, Willow and Coal.

Saddle and Willow team up really well with Blue Eyes. I think I will have another go at Mist one day soon.