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Cheryl Stacey Art

Cheryl's passion for art and all things creative started in her earliest years. Cheryl spent many childhood hours drawing and scribbling on anything that she could find. Art was compelling for her! While excelling in art, often with the top marks, the creativity crept into all subjects of her school work.

South African born, Cheryl arrived in New Zealand in the mid 90s.

In 1998 Cheryl built on her childhood talents with a Foundation Art paper at polytech. This lead to working in interior design before taking some time to raise her daughter.

Art and creativity became central in Cheryl’s life again when in 2011 she opened  "Lady C’s Cake Boutique" her cake decorating business. This made space for Cheryl to show case her creative talents in such diverse ways. Her cake creativity involved sculpting with cake and icing. Bringing together colour and tone, Cheryl used skills from collage to the subtleties of watercolour in her works. Connecting with humor and the sense of celebration is another strength evident in her cakes. You can explore the Lady C’s Cake Boutique facebook page if you are feeling inquisitive. 

In recent years around full time work Cheryl has been exploring oil and acrylic painting and mixed media art. She enjoys portraiture, landscape painting, abstract realism, and  art meditation 

Cheryl is very excited to be able to share her years of experience with you all, passionately helping you explore your artistic flare and talent. Cheryl has a passion for motivating and inspiring people to unleash their Inner Artist, helping us blossom into the best version of ourselves. 

Cheryl joins Ochre Arts as the workshop ambassador. You will get to participate in Cheryl's art workshops. She also provides one to one coaching and can undertake commission work.

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