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Ochre Arts


What We Do

Art Supplies

Teaming an Art Supply shop up with a comprehensive indent system, we work to keep you connected with the tools & materials that connect you to your creativity.


If we are creating we are communicating. Sometimes our voice is quiet and private, yet sometimes it is ready for a bigger audience. At Ochre Arts we work to show your creativity to your next audience.


We encourage and coach the Creatives to encourage and coach you. Our system to support skill sharing has the grooviest side effect - that is Creative Workshops.

Ochre Arts Protection Framework for Orange

Last reviewed 11/01/2022

I have been reading and thinking. So here is where I am at...

Symptoms will mean testing and isolation. So for me, either Covid or the common cold will send me home from the business I run and rely on.

#1 - stay home if you have cold, flu, temp or achy symptoms

I have contactless options so you don't miss out while you are keeping me safe from COVID, 

AND those lesser bugs that will shut me down for a few days too.

Feeling resilient

Many people will be feeling ready for retail to be part of their alert level free life.

Feeling Vulnerable

Some people may be wishing for stronger options to avoid picking up COVID 19 with the impacts that may have on their wellness, their village or their opportunities. I have been putting particular thought into how to care for your arty needs.


Feeling Resilient, you're invited into Ochre Arts

The conditions of entry are

  • Mask and 1m for mask wearers
  • 2m social distancing please with mask exemption
  • Scan or Manual sign in
  • Sanitise

Feeling Vulnerable, you're invited to consider

  • In store when it feels right for you
  • (same conditions of entry for everyone)
  • Private Shopping Appointments
  • Phone Service
  • Email Orders
  • my fledgling e-commerce site

Vaccinated People

Resilient Vaccinated People

Same as above

Less Resilient Vaccinated People

Same as above

Un-Vaccinated People

Resilient Un-Vaccinated People

Same as above

Less Resilient Un-Vaccinated People

Same as above


Where We Are

In Store

Shop 2 - TheGap101 Arcade

89 Broadway Avenue

Palmerston North

The Shop is open 4 days a week.

Tuesday, Wednesday & Fridays 10 - 5

Thursday Late Night 10 - 7pm

Click & Collect

also phone & collect

Picking up orders is great when your timeline has a few challenges. I'm happy to help with a variety of options.

Call me to discuss.

E-commerce & Phone Orders

E-commerce or a good old fashioned phone call works for those who will like to shop from away.

Our Shipping Policy goes a bit like this

Standard Shipping Includes Items that could all go in a parcel or small box together

  • Standard/Urban shipping starts at $2
  • Standard/Urban shipping when you spend $50 or more, I pay all your shipping
  • Standard/Rural shipping starts at $8
  • Standard/Rural shipping when you spend $99 or more, I pay all your shipping
  • Bulkier parcels attract different shipping costs. If you have big paper sheets or other large items your parcel will attract a fee based on where your delivery goes.
  • Haz handling, heavy or fragile works are collect only