Opening 1 August at 

76 High Street, Bulls

During July you can to arrange a visit, or pop in if you see me there.

Enquiries and weborders welcome ahead of time.

to be clear

creativity is about people


OchreArts.NZ has been quite nomadic these recent years!

In April 2019 I purchased a broken business from a receivership office. In that first week I knew nothing, had no systems, and was playing forensic investigator to find suppliers. I bought some pads in for a customer and inched my way forward from there.

We locked down in March 2020 in response to the global pandemic and I moved the business to my rural home completely by May 2020.

On 9 June 2021 I split the Ochre Arts brand from Fluffymilk.com Ltd, making it a stand alone entity ready for the next part of the story.

We slid into "traffic light" pandemic response on 3 December 2021 and I packed and mothballed the business again.

Since March 2022 a whisper of Ochre Arts has been looking after a small group of stalwart clients who have endured much storage searching & awkward delays. The next part of my journey is dedicated to you - the generous believers.

the plan

Dust off the storage and strike a brave new future in State Highway One Bulls.

Experience, decide, and design a business practice that

  • provides service to creative people & their projects
  • teaches and reaches people with inspiration, techniques and confidence
  • lifts and nutures the exhibition and pop-up opportunity that this address provides
  • looks after my own creative journey
Build a quality practice that can be sold or shared with others. Although I may well find a buyer who wants this for their own future I am also open to converting this into a partnership or cooperative with the right types of people. 

the people

You could be exactly the people or part of the people that Ochre is for.

  • are you geared to grow your future providing service to creative people and their projects?
  • do you have your own creativity that needs all that a retail opportunity can give? 
  • are you the person who will breath love and life into the exhibition/pop-up opportunity here? 
  • is teaching and reaching people with inspiration, techniques and confidence your true heart path?
  • are you a data, marketing, communication rock star?

There are oppportunities for tutors, exhibitors, creatives, affiliates, barristas, partners, collaborators, new owners, and so on

If this is you or even just partly you please reach out and have a conversation.

Kindest regards,

Carla Woollaston